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School Uniform

The wearing of the school uniform is to encourage a sense of pride and identity and to show that students are proud to be a member of the Ashgrove School community.

To improve the standards of uniform wear and to meet the requirements of the Ashgrove School Board of Trustees and Community students are required to:

  • TAKE pride in wearing the school uniform correctly
  • The school uniform should be clean
  • Shoulder length or longer hair must be tied back (both boys and girls)
  • A wrist watch and stud earrings only can be worn (no other jewellery)
  • Make-up is not part of the dress code for students
  • All items of clothing to be named clearly

It is the responsibility of all students at Ashgrove School to abide by the school Code of Dress.  A signed note from a parent / caregiver is required if there is a temporary change from the wearing of the uniform.

Christine Chadwick


Ashgrove School uniform is available for purchase at The Warehouse, Rangiora or secondhand uniform can be purchased through the PTA, contact Dale Hartley-Brown 313 6336 or 021 899 440.  Stock varies as it becomes available but is very reasonably priced. 

2017 Uniform Update

A review of the uniform policy has been completed and the introduction of new items are currently in a transition phase. 

Royal blue polo tops are still currently available from The Warehouse for purchase until the new polo tops are available later in 2017.  Once the new ones are available there will be a 24-month changeover period until the royal blue tops are phased out. 

The previous tartan items in the uniform are to be phased out over the same period and effective from now you can purchase and wear the navy bottoms as shown in the policy below.

We are awaiting new stocks of polar fleece tops with the new school logo on them to arrive, however the existing polar fleeces are still available at The Warehouse for purchase and wear during this transition.

The Board will continue to update the school community on when the new items are available.


Compulsory Uniform Items

To be introduced when stocks are available at The Warehouse.  Continue to use the current royal blue polo tops and polar fleeces with the old logo in the interim from The Warehouse Rangiora.

  • Navy Polar fleece topzip right throughand/or the option of1/4 zippolar fleeceboth with new logo
  • New style navy, royal blue with yellow piping cotton polo top with new school logo

 Remainder of the Uniform

  • Navy culottes (on or above the knee)
  • Navy shorts (on or above the knee, no cargo pants, no branding)
  • Navy track pants (no branding)
  • Navy or black long sleeve thermals for wearing under the polo
  • Navy or black socks or tights
  • Navy brimmed sunhat
  • Navy beanie or scarf(if required in winter)


  • Footwear - suitable sports or school shoes firmly fastened for the purpose of physical activity to be worn with socks (no skate shoes). 
  • Sandals permitted

Ashgrove School compulsory items will be available for purchase at The Warehouse, Rangiora.  Navy items are also available to be purchased at The Warehouse or similar at the retailer of your choice but must meet policy specifications.

Secondhand uniform can be purchased through the PTA, contact Dale Hartley-Brown 313 6336 or 021 899 440.  Stock varies as it becomes available but is reasonably priced. 

Practical Suggestions

Dress children in singlets or black or navy long sleeve thermals under their polo tops to keep them warm in winter; sew on name tags so lost clothing can be returned.