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Special Education

Learning support programmes and resources are centred in the Library meeting room, with a 2013 staff of at least six - a Co-ordinator/Support Teacher, a Reading Recovery teacher, and several Learning Assistants.  The Exceptional Learners' support team meets the needs of those students who are working well above or below the rest of their class, or who have social, health, or behavioural challenges.

Referrals for in-school support are made through the student's classroom teacher after discussion with the student's parents.  After a whole-team consultation and intervention process, referrals can be made to outside agencies for specialist assistance where necessary.

The Senior Dean, with input from the Co-ordinator, oversees individualised programmes for Gifted and Talented students.  These support individual students within their regular classroom rather than in withdrawal settings.

Where necessary, the Co-ordinator supports classroom teachers and parents to meet students' individual needs.  This may involve making a short-term Intervention Plan to deal with a specific issue, or offering expertise and resources to support the teacher and parents in assisting the child with his/her learning.

The staff generally work with individual students who have a high level of learning difference, over either a short or long term. The Support Teacher assists with preparing teaching programmes and materials for the student's daily programme (where it differs from the rest of the class); and supports the classroom teacher and learning assistant with expertise and targeted techniques.  We aim to have Exceptional Learners working in their own classrooms, and moving towards independence and inclusion in all class activities as much as possible.  At times the learning assistants will work with a student in a withdrawal setting, or off-site, depending on their particular programme.

Small group tuition is sometimes offered to groups of students who have a common need, but this is dependent on time being available once the needs of all students have been considered.

Throughout 2012 the Co-ordinator will run a series of information sessions for parents, to support children's learning in the first few years of school.  It is hoped that these will foster understanding and teamwork between classroom and home in supporting learning from an early stage, and will reduce the need for intervention and assistance later on.

It is planned to have two sessions per term, covering reading, writing and spelling skills, maths, and the Key Competencies.  For information about these sessions, please contact the school office.

Sandra Mosley

Mrs Sandra Mosley
Special Needs Coordinator

Angela McDowell

Mrs Angela McDowell
Learning Assistant

Emma Daly

Mrs Emma Daly
Learning Assistant

Leanne Spencer

Mrs Leanne Spencer
Learning Assistant

Leigh Miller

Mrs Leigh Miller
Learning Assistant

Louise Patrick

Mrs Louise Patrick
Learning Assistant

Melanie Wade

Mrs Melanie Wade
Learning Assistant

Rochelle Lukken

Ms Rochelle Lukken
Learning Assistant

Sarah Willis

Miss Sarah Willis
Learning Assistant

Stacey Chapman

Mrs Stacey Chapman
Learning Assistant